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    Tracking your fertility can be a challenge especially when you don’t have the right tools… Or you have abnormal cycles… Or you are really new to charting. When we first decided to start to trying to conceive, I had such a hard time pinpointing my ovulation and all the online programs I had looked into just tracked/predicted a generic ovulation day. It was really frustrating… Nothing had what I wanted. {Anybody else been there?}

    My ideal program would have allowed me to track several forms of charting along with a way to track all the symptoms I had each day. It would have allowed me compare my cycles to see the changes and patterns. It would accurately pinpoint the likely fertile days based on my records instead of a generic computer-generated date.


    Well… guess what? I found a program that does ALL of that and then some. I only wish I had known about this program when I first started this journey.


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    Eh-hem. Friends, please welcome FertilityFlower.com!

    FertilityFlower is the one stop place for all your NATURAL fertility cycle charting needs! Remember, charting is for sure one of the most powerful steps that women can take to maintain or improve not only their gynecological health but also their general health. FertilityFlower is the must have tool to help all women at all stages of fertility keep track our amazing bodies and cycles.

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    At FertilityFlower, the method used to track your cycles is called the Sympto-Thermal Method. Basically, cervical fluid and waking temperature are recorded and displayed in the same charting space to show you the build-up that happens just prior to ovulation – to really drive home the relationship. Starting in cycle 2, users’ prior month temperature graph is superimposed in a lighter color so that they have a running comparison of the current versus the previous month. It’s one way that their clients can start to analyze their cycles. There are other tools available on the website to further analyze cycles, but this is a quick check for their clients and is available to everyone who using their charting program.

    One unique feature that I love is the custom symptom tracker. FertilityFlower users can (and should) drag-and-drop symptoms into the Around Ovulation category to tailor the tracking of the ovulation experience. There are a suite of symptoms that are ‘classic’ ovulatory signs but many, many women – once they start to tune into their bodies – realize they consistently experience OTHER unique symptoms just prior to ovulation that can serve as secondary fertility signs. That just goes to show how important a unique program is to help you – an individual perfectly created different than anyone else in this world – understand your cycles.


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    Apart from charting of symptoms, FertilityFlower users also have the opportunity to chart wellness and nutrition items – the nutrition items were developed for this project by Donielle at NaturallyKnockedUp.com and tailored to support fertility. I love this. I find it to be more of an accountability feature… it helps to keep me in check that I am treating my body the best I can.

    Kimberly, creator and owner of FertilityFlower, made this program with everyone in mind:

    “While the vast majority of our clients use FertilityFlower to achieve pregnancy, the method is appropriate for anyone wishing to use it to track periods or to avoid pregnancy. We don’t bar women from using the website for those purposes. There is information on the website for using the Sympto-Thermal Method for avoiding pregnancy and each daily report gives Avoiders as well as women wishing to achieve pregnancy information on their fertility status.”

    Like I mentioned, FertilityFlower can be used regardless of what stage you are at in the fertility life cycle. The program was designed to flow from three areas, which are called ‘Seed’, ‘Sprout’ and ‘Bloom’. ‘Seed’ clients are those who have no children and are not currently pregnant. ‘Sprout’ clients are those who are pregnant with their first child. ‘Bloom’ clients are women with children. The idea behind the distinction is that, for example, the experience of conception and pregnancy is very different for the first time mom than it is for someone who’s already gone through a pregnancy and birth.

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    A couple other things I found very helpful were the amount of help and wealth of knowledge found on the site. From thorough FAQs to a forum community to their blog… you are sure to find everything you need to know about charting and more! The another thing is the ease of using the program! Honestly, anyone can use it and understand it.

    While there is tons more I could tell you about this program, I really think you just need to try it out for yourself. Really! And guess what? You CAN! Yep… Kimberly wanted my readers to get a chance to give FertilityFlower a try with a special coupon code: LAMS which entitles you to three (3) months of FertilityFlower’s premium membership! {Thanks Kimberly!}


    Jasmine is a God-fearing, always-learning, stay-at-home-wife to the best husband in the world! In the past couple of years, her new found loves have become herbal fix ‘ems and things “all natural”! She is continually learning to slow down, enjoying the important, simple things in life…like naturally taking care of her home, husband and health. She really enjoys creating things “home-made” and showing others how to do the same! You can also connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


    5 Responses to FertilityFlower: The Best Charting Tool Available

    1. Sarah R
      January 30, 2013 at 8:57 am

      Very interesting! I use a different site, but I’ll give this one a try.

    2. Chris
      January 30, 2013 at 10:18 am

      Thank you for the giveaway.

    3. Manuela L.
      January 30, 2013 at 11:58 am

      Right now I chart CM. This sounds like a wonderful tool. Thank you for the 3 months trial and the giveaway.

      Blessings… :-)

    4. Leann L
      January 31, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      Right now I am charting using the OvaCue. In the past I have done BBT & saliva microscope.

    5. Char
      February 1, 2013 at 1:04 am

      I have been temping only, but not recording my temps. Would be nice to have an easy to use tool to help me better understand my cycles!

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